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Yoghurt Remedies

Yoghurt: is made by adding a number bacteria called 'yogurt cultures' to milk, causing it to ferment. This process causes the milk to thicken, giving yoghurt its unique flavour and texture. Cow's milk is the most common type used to make yoghurt, but goat's, ewe's, sheep or buffalo's milk are also suitable. Yoghurts made from Skimmed milk are usually labelled 'Low Fat' or  'Fat Free'. Yoghurts made from wholemilk are considered 'Full Fat'. Many commercial yoghurt brands contain added ingredients such as sugar and artificial flavours that are not good for your health.

Yoghurt - Home remedy for Anxiety: Yoghurt is one of the best home remedies for relieving stress.

Yoghurt - Home remedy for  Bacterial Vaginitis: Yoghurt helps in fighting bacteria.

Yoghurt - Home remedy for  Burns: Rub 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt directly on the burn. Allow the yoghurt to soak into the burn for 15 minutes. To remove, take a soft linen cloth and dab the cloth in cool water. Use slow motions to remove the yoghurt from your skin.

Yoghurt - Home remedy for  Cholera: Eat yoghurt three times a day.

Yoghurt – Home remedy for  Poisoning, Food:  Eat natural yoghurt.

Yoghurt (plain) – Home remedy for  Frequent UrinationAnother natural remedy for frequent urination is plain yoghurt. Plain yoghurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus which helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the bladder.

Yoghurt (plain) - Home remedy for Sexually Transmitted Infections: A disadvantage of antibiotics is that they also kill the good bacteria along with the harmful ones. Yoghurt, with its probiotic properties, is conducive for the growth of good bacteria in the body that help digestion. Yoghurt contains lactic acid bacteria and other live micro-organisms which are probiotic in nature. Eating yoghurt on a daily basis will ensure that the body does not lose its share of the good bacteria, which can aid digestion, keep you healthy and help you fight diseases better.

Yoghurt (plain) - Home remedy for SoresIt helps mouth sores to heal more quickly. Canker sores are small, shallow ulcers that appear in the mouth and often make eating and talking uncomfortable. Canker sores appear in the mouth and can be painful.To prevent canker sores and alleviate pain caused by canker sore, try eating yogurt daily.

Yoghurt - Home remedy for Stress: Yoghurt is one of the best home remedies for stress. Try eating yogurt daily.

Yoghurt (plain) - Stomach AcheYoghurt contains ingredients that can keep stomach problems at bay. Plain yoghurt without any sugar is good for the normal functioning of the digestive system. It is one of the most recommended home remedies for a stomach ache. However it is important to use plain yoghurt.

Yoghurt - Home remedy for Thrush: Eating unsweetened yoghurt can promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth and is a good home remedy for oral thrush. Yoghurt can also provide a soothing relief if oral thrush patches are painful.

Yoghurt – Home remedy for Vaginal Yeast Infection: Yoghurt has good bacteria which help in fighting against yeast infection. Buy sugar free flavoured yogurt to eat. Insert plain yoghurt into the vagina with a large rubber syringe or a vaginal applicator and wear a sanitary pad to protect your underwear.

Yoghurt - Home remedy for Vaginal Discharge:  Yoghurt is known to be another effective natural remedy for getting rid of vaginal discharge and odour. Yoghurt contains probiotic or good bacteria that help in eliminating the bad bacteria. You can include yogurt in your diet in order to get rid of the problem. You can also use a tampon dipped in yoghurt too as it is also known to give good results.

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