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Amnesia: Amnesia is a profound memory loss which is usually caused either by physical injury to the brain or by the ingestion of a toxic substance which affects the brain. In addition the memory loss can be caused by a traumatic, emotional event, anxiety or stress, or depression.

People with amnesia have difficulty learning new information and they have difficulty remembering previous events. They may be disoriented and confused. Their memory deficit causes problems for them either at work, in school or socially. Sometimes the memory loss is so severe that supervision is necessary. Amnesia can affect males and females and can occur at any age.

Causes of amnesia can include external trauma such as a blow to the head, internal trauma such as stroke, and exposure to a toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, improper diet, brain tumors and seizures.

If you are worried because you or someone you care for has lost their memory, see your doctor. They'll do an initial assessment and ask questions about symptoms, family history and lifestyle. They may also require a blood test.

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Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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