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Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Dry macular degeneration is a chronic eye disease that causes vision loss in the centre of your field of vision. Dry macular degeneration is marked by deterioration of the macula which is in the centre of the retina. Retina is the layer of tissue on the inside back wall of your eyeball.

Dry macular degeneration is one of two types of age-related macular degeneration. The other type is wet macular degeneration. It is characterized by blood vessels that grow under the retina in the back of the eye leaking blood and fluid.

Dry macular degeneration is the more common form of the disease. Dry macular degeneration may worsen your quality of life by causing blurred central vision or a blind spot in your central vision.

Central vision is used to see what is directly in front of you. In macular degeneration, your central vision becomes increasingly blurred, leading to symptoms such as:
  • difficulty reading because the text appears blurry
  • colours appearing less vibrant
  • difficulty recognising people's faces

 Macular degeneration usually affects both eyes, but the speed at which it progresses can vary from eye to eye. Macular degeneration does not affect the peripheral vision (outer vision), which means it will not cause complete blindness.  There is currently no cure for either type of AMD.

If you notice that your vision is getting gradually worse, you should see your doctor or optometrist. If your vision suddenly gets worse, images are distorted or you notice blind spots in your field of vision, seek medical advice immediately.


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